Take Action in the Community

There are lots of ways to take action in our community to make positive change for a more sustainable Saugus. Below is a list of some of our favorite actions!

Use Your Vote

Vote for elected officials whose views are in line with your own. If you believe in green action and helping the environment, get out and vote for the candidates who will help make those things happen!

Join a Group in Saugus

As a SAVE member, you’ll get insight to various ways to get involved around town and make a difference. Beyond SAVE, there are other groups to join, or even just volunteer with, like the Saugus Tree Committee, Friends of Breakheart Reservation, Town Meeting, Conservation Commission, and even the Garden Club.

Buy Sustainable

Whether it’s food for the fridge, plants for the garden, or toilet paper for the bathroom, there are lots of choices for different products on the market— some more sustainable than others. Beyond just going for things that are “organic” or “local”, we can also look for items with labels like “Rainforest Alliance Certified“, or that are approved by the Sustainable Forest Initiative or the Forest Stewardship Council. Each of these labels means something for the standards a product had to meet in regards to sustainability. When our money is spend on products produced with eco-conscious practices, it puts pressure on other companies to follow suit and make the market more eco-friendly overall.

Stay Informed

Every day there are things going on that effect us, our communities, and the environment as a whole. By staying up to date with news and current events, you can use your voice to get involved in matters that are important to you. One of the first steps to solving a problem is being aware of it, regardless of how big or small it may be.


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