Saugus Resources

Need a place to get outside? Need a place to recycle your old TV? This page is dedicated to Saugus specific resources to help you live a happier and more sustainable life.

Learn More:

Looking for something to learn more about? Check this out!

In this video, Staci Rubin (Environmental Justice, Vice President at Conservation Law Foundation) and Kirstie Pecci (Executive Director at Just Zero) talk about the waste crisis, health impacts, and possible solutions through policy. Watch to learn more about where we’re at with waste and where we can go.

Other Resources:

Click here to see our Facebook group for the latest news, updates, and all things SAVE and Saugus

Click here to read about For a Better Future

Click here to find our Geocache

Click here to follow the progress of the Mass Bottle Bill

Click here to read past newsletters:  Save Newsletters


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